You are a blogger or online entrepreneur who wants to generate profit from your passion.

You started on this journey because you are passionate about helping others, and thought that a blog would be the perfect way to spread your message. 

You thought that it would be easy to get followers and monetize your site so that you could finally leave your 9-5 job.

Seems easy, right?

Except now you are overwhelmed with all of the different strategies you read online. You are putting in a ridiculous amount of hours every single week and you are not getting the results you expected. 

Does this sound like you?

Let me tell you I am here to help! 

I am Addi Ganley and I am all about helping you develop a steady stream of income while still providing your readers with amazing value. 

I break it down for you, step-by-step, from the foundational to the technical, and give you simple, easy-to-implement, and repeatable systems you can use again and again.

I hobbled along for over 2 years trying to convert my blog in to a real, live, profitable business. Time and time again, I would try something new that I heard was working for other bloggers, only to fail miserably.