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Step 2: Select Affiliate Partner

The next step of the process is to include a relevant affiliate offer. Right now, you should have the topic you are going to write about, now see what affiliate products or services you can include in this article.

Here are 3 affiliate marketing rules that I follow:

1.     Only recommend products that you use

2.     Don’t recommend anything that isn’t helpful to your audience

3.     Never come right out and say BUY NOW

You do not want to just pepper your post with random affiliate links.

They need to be products or services that you use, recommend, and can show your readers why they need it.

Only choose 1 product or service to recommend in this post, and make sure it will be relevant to the topic you chose above.

This will help your audience stay focused on what you are talking about and recommending. You don’t want to include different affiliate products, because it can become overwhelming to your readers and they won’t know what to click on.

If you are not already an affiliate for any kind of product or service, you will need to do that before moving on.