Step 1: Identify Your Audience's Needs

The first thing you need to focus on is figuring out what your audience is interested in, and what information they were seeking.

This is extremely important.

You don’t want to waste your time writing a lengthy blog post if it is something your audience doesn’t care for, or won’t even read.

Plus, your blog should be targeting a specific audience so that you are attracting the right readers with your site’s content. By identifying your target audience and figuring out their needs and interests, you can become very niche specific with your blog content.

Honing in on their needs and producing content that will help solve their problems, or answer their questions, is the key to making money from this post you are going to write.

Do not skip this step.

One way to do this is by checking out the top posts on your site that get the most amount of traffic. 

Go into your Google Analytics account and click on:

Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

This will pull up a report with the blog posts that get the highest amount of traffic. You can then edit the date range to go back as far as you want, to see which posts are receiving the highest amount of traffic.

Looking at this report will show you what your readers are interested in. If you are getting a lot of traffic to particular types of posts, or certain topics, you can start there by writing new content that is related to these articles.