Why Is No One Reading My Blog? The 6 Mistakes You Are Making

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is no one reading my blog?” If you answered YES, then I want you to know that you are not alone.

Trust, me. I was in that exact same spot. I sat there for months asking myself this same question. Not only was I frustrated because I was putting in so much time and effort into my blog, but I was not getting the results that I wanted.

My blog seemed to be stagnant. I was yearning to build a community of like-minded people, but just could not make it happen.

 “Why is no one reading my blog?” 

Today, I want to share with you why no one is reading your blog and 6 mistakes that could be causing your blog to be stagnant like mine used to be.

Do you write awesome content, but struggle to get people to read it? Here are 6 mistakes you are making and why no one is reading your blog. Read now to learn how you can fix these mistakes!

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I am sure you have heard the phrase, “Content is King.” While I do agree that content is a HUGE part of your blog there are a lot of other aspects that play a role in whether or not your blog is successful.

You may write an amazing post that is jam packed with tons and tons of valuable information, but how will anyone even knows it exists if you are not promoting it.

I made the mistake of sitting back and waiting for my readers to magically land on my blog. Let me tell you, I waited, and waited and waited.

One of the hardest parts of blogging is actually getting people to read your content. Growing an audience is challenging. You want to…

6 Mistakes You Are Making:

Mistake #1

You are not providing mind blowing content that is useful to your readers. Since your content is the core of your blog you need to always keep your ideal reader in mind.

Building your traffic relies heavily on the value that you provide to your audience.

The key to providing valuable content is quality over quantity. You never want to just post an article for the sake of posting. Take the time to write high-quality content on your blog. This means writing longer posts that include takeaways for your readers.

Your content needs to have actionable advice. I am sure you know that you can find just about anything online. You don’t want someone new to land on your blog and feel like they could have found this information anywhere. Make it unique.

Solution #1

To give your audience mind-blowing content that they will be compelled to share you need to be answering their questions, always be thinking of their needs and encourage them to take action.

Mistake #2

You are inconsistent.

You need to have a plan of action to accomplish your goals. If one of your goals is to build an engaged community then you need to be consistent in how you will achieve that goal.

This can mean being consistent in your posting schedule, consistent with your social media efforts or even being consistent with your newsletter. Your readers will begin to expect certain things from you and you don’t want to let them down.

This doesn’t mean that you have to plan out every single detail, but try to keep it cohesive schedule.

Whether you want to provide new content once a week or five times a week you want to be as consistent as possible.

Solution #2

If you do not already have an editorial calendar or a planner I recommend starting to use one now. It is a great way to not only plan ahead but start to get into a routine.

Mistake #3

You are not promoting your blog.

There are a lot of ways that you can get you content in front of your ideal readers. Simply posting it on your social media accounts is not enough.

As a blogger you can’t just sit around and wait for people to find your site.You always want to have a plan and strategies in place when it comes to promotion.

Figure out all of the different ways that you can promote your content. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Guest posting
  • Social media
  • Getting help from other bloggers

The first step is figuring out the best way to promote to reach your audience. Having a plan will help to guide and support you through your blogging journey.

Start with your goals and build the steps you need to take to reach those goals. If you want to get in front of a new audience by guest posting, then have a plan.

Don’t just post on someone’s site for the sake of posting. Just because a blog has a large audience it does not necessarily mean you should guest post on their site. You want to get in front of your ideal reader, so find bloggers within your niche or have a similar audience to yours.

Are you trying to increase your email subscribers? Are you trying to promote a new product that you have? Start by figuring out your main goal and then plan out how you will promote your post to get in front of your ideal reader.

If you are using social media then create a plan of attack. Where is your audience spending the majority of their time?

Solution #3

The key is to build your own roadmap to reach the right readers. This will definitely include a lot of trial and error, but once you start promoting properly you will start to see more and more people reading your blog.

Mistake #4

Your blog does not have a focus. 

I know it is tempting to write about anything and everything, but you will have a really hard time being seen as an authority if you try to cover every topic that inspires you.

The more specific you can get the better chance you have of attracting the right audience. Often times, people may land on your blog and not understand what it is about so they leave without even giving you a chance.

I have learned this from my own experience. I struggled for years trying to hone in on the topics I would include on my blog. I tried including a bunch of different categories and topics in hopes that I could relate to anyone who landed on my blog.

This really prevented me from growing my blog because I was not relating to anyone. People would come to my site and not stick around because I only had 1-2 articles that they were interested in.

Whereas, I now stick within my niche so when someone comes to either one of my blogs they will enjoy the majority of the content because it is focused on my ideal reader.

Solution #4

Choose your blog’s purpose and focus. If you need help you can download my workbook to narrow down your blog’s focus.

Mistake #5

Your headlines are not grabbing their attention. Your post could be awesome but if the title doesn’t sound interesting then they will probably pass it up.

Think of all the times you are on Facebook and you read a title that you immediately feel compelled to click on the link. What made you click it?

  • Was it intriguing?
  • Did it portray that you would learn something new?
  • Did it evoke an emotional response?
  • Was it controversial?

You want your audience to feel the same way. But, please do not just use some crazy headline to get people to your blog. Your content needs to back-up your title.

I absolutely hate when I click on an article just to find out that it has nothing to do with the title. It was just a game to get me there. What do I do? I immediately hit the back button.

Solution #5

Start writing better headlines to get more people to read your blog. Here is a post that will help you develop catchy headlines for your posts. 

Mistake #6

You are not making it easy for your readers to share your content. Not only will writing more valuable content make people want to share it more, but you need to make it as easy as possible for them to share it on their social media channels.

Make sure your blog has easy to find share buttons. You can even add a ‘pin-it’ hover button on all of your images.

Don’t be shy about asking your readers to share it. You can even say within in your content to ‘tweet this’ or to share on Facebook.

Solution #6

Make it VERY easy for your readers to share your content.

Now is the time for you to make some changes to your blog. If you are worried that no one is reading your blog then start to move forward and test different methods to get in front of a new audience.

Please keep in mind that it will not happen overnight. It is all the small changes that really add up and make a big difference.

I did not commit myself to my first blog, Frugal Fanatic, until I had been blogging for 2 years. Once I did, I saw big results.

I went from 10k monthly visitors to over 100k monthly visitors in three months. Now, I am not telling you this to rub it in your face, I am telling you it to inspire you. If I am able to build an audience then you can too.

My process took much, much longer than most bloggers. But, everyone’s blogging journey is different. Do not compare yourself to all of the other blogs that you see.

Do you write awesome content, but struggle to get people to read it? Here are 6 mistakes you are making and why no one is reading your blog. Read now to learn how you can fix these mistakes!
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